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  • Simplicity above all Simple and yet powerful is the S series, developed for the pump industry as well as the fan and blower application. Foot and flange mounted, with shaft dimensions to the UNEL standard.
  • A smart design enhanced by latest materials technology and advanced manufacturing Bonfiglioli worm gears are milestones for the industry worldwide. They succeeded in combining uncompromising quality with state-of-the-art technology and renown price effectiveness. Absolute flexibility is given by the wide choice of several mounting options, shaft...
  • Ruggedness and effectiveness to the state-of-the-art No better, easier and neater installation than with a shaft mounted unit of the F series. Lightweight and performing, an F unit is the dependable drive for all the material handling applications.
  • Slew drives for excavator duty Expressly conceived for the rotation of cranes and turrets of operating machines. Ten available sized, output shaft with integral pinion, negative safety brake upon demand. Coupling to electric motor or hydraulic engine. Special shaft upon demand and drawing. Available ratios: 3,5 to 2.000 and more. Output torque: 500 to...
  • When Customers benefit from the know-how developed over the years Top torque density, product variety, extremely wide speed choice, great compactness and price effectiveness make the C series the unparalleled line of helical gearmotors and speed reducers.
  • Extreme compactness, lightweight, efficiency and smooth operation are the key features of the 700CK series track drives, powered by integrated axial piston hydraulic motors, developed in cooperation with KAYABA. Available for machines in the 1.5 to 100 ton class range.Integrated design will result into the best possible product combination.
  • When efficiency and versatility meet each other The A Helical bevel gear motor series is the first product to prove equally good in regard to efficiency and versatility within a highly competitive context, both performance- and price-wise.
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