Conveyor X - Drip Leg Drain 

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  • Outlet Oil Remover/Silencer for pneumatic systems.* Eliminate oil mist pollution produced by valve and cylinder outlets.* Reduce acoustic pollution by 25 dBA, restoring noise levels to values accepted by the safety standards in force.* Temperature range 2¸50°C (36¸122°C).* Filtering element in coalescent glass fiber.* Oil accumulating cup with drainage...
  • Automatically eliminates condensed fluids from pipes.* In the absence of pressure the outlet remains opened, thus ensuring that all settled fluid particles are eliminated.* Equipped with hose nipple to convey the collected condensate away.* To allow servicing operations, pressure can be relieved by slackening the knurled part at the end of the appliance.*...
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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