Precision planetary gearboxes with reduced blacklash

Precision planetary gearboxes with reduced blacklash

The MP series includes precision planetary gearboxes that ensure optimal preformances and high reliability but also a high grade of flexibility; they are actually available both with standard and reduced blacklash.
These gearboxes identify by having an extremely precise and silent operation and are therefore particularly suitable for the industrial automation sector where punctual start and stop, and precise and accurate movements, are needed.

Different configurations are available to be adjusted to various implementations thanks to the number of transmittable torques, ratios and angular balcklash values; they can be easily coupled with most of the electric motors on the market.

This kind of gearboxes are designed to ensure a long lasting life service without the need of special maintenance procedures, they are in fact equipped with a high degree of protection against dust or fluids from outside.

Bearings are studied to have an average lifetime of 20.000 hours in nominal operating conditions and they can be ball bearings or tapered roller bearing according to the gearbox size; their lifespan may vary on the basis of the radial and axial forces to which the output gearbox is subjected. For the standard size of the 053, 060, 080 and 105 frame, the supply will be with rigid ball bearing, while for the size 130, 160 e 190 the tapered roller bearing are provided. Tapered roller bearing may be supplied on demand also with size 080 and 105 upon specific request.

Considering that lubricant shall never be replaced unless it is contaminated from outside, gearboxes are supplied already filled with an oil that is adequate for an ambient temperature (from 0 C° to 40 C°). The quantity of necessary lubricant depends on the gearbox mounting position, for this reason it is necessary to specify it on the order. The lubricant type, grease or synthetic oil and the kind of material used for the sealings vary according to the type of use and the gearbox size.

If the operating conditions are special, and in case a higher temperature compared with the standard one is expected, it is highly recommended to indicate it on the order so that the gearbox may be supplied with Viton seals.

In case the case temperature is higher than 90°, speed shall be reduced or an auxiliary cooling system should be added. Under no circumstances should the maximum permitted speed be exceeded.

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