Gearboxes winch version

Gearboxes winch version

The 800 series includes gearboxes which are designed for the hydraulic winches control but also for complete winches, such as gearboxes equipped with the built-in winch drum and relevant bearing holder on the opposite side.
Both the gearboxes and the complete winches are available in four basic sizes, for rope pulling up to 14.000 daN and may be used on mobile cranes and off-road cranes, fixed installations, lifting devices on boats and forestry applications.

We are able to customize each supply on the basis of the customers’ demand, as there is a choice of a gearbox by itself, a gearbox with drum holder, the complete winch with hydraulic motor adaptor or the complete winch with relevant hydraulic gear motor with 1 or 2 displacements.

Gearboxes can be perfectly built-in within the winch drum and are made up of:

  •          2 or 3 stages planetary type reduction. Reductions are finished with skimming and are then cemented and hardenend. All gear teeth are highly resistant at their basis and are subject to limited scrapings. The external teeth crowns are made of tempered steel and are case-hardened.
  •          A rotating outer case that is directly fixed to the drum by a flange, while the fixed side is flanged mounted and fixed to the frame. Having both a power transmission purpose and a load supporting function on one of the drum’s sides, a simple bearing holder is assembled on the opposite part.
  •          Input parking brake with oil immersed multiple disks with negative action and springs, with release which is hydraulic. The braking torque of the brake is calculated to make sure that the drum braking torque ranges from 1.6 to 1.8 the rated torque. Gearbox groups with brake are selfstanding units with respect to the rest of the winch; the gearbox lubrication is with gear oil beating, while that brake lubrication is separated and uses hydraulic oil.
  •          The input free wheel allows the function of the reverse winding sense when the brake is closed, the brake opens only when the rope is winding. This device allows very accurate start and stop during the load ascent even if the hydraulic motors control has a low starting torque.

All groups are adequate to be controlled by any fast hydraulic motor: gearmotor, vane or axial piston motor.

The gearbox group can be supplied complete with a drum and a relevant bearing support on the opposite side, to be assembled directly on the crane arm or on any other structure made by the customer.

It may also be provided complete with a frame. Drum and frame are made of electro welded steel plate, in particularly sturdy and compact execution.

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