700T series - Slew drives

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Innovative solutions for the rotation of structures

The series 700T gearboxes are the most efficient and safe solution for all applications related to the rotation of structures. It's a long time since gearboxes of the Series 700T have started being applied on cranes, excavators and on special machinery and are presently recognized and appreciated by the most important producers.

These gearboxes are particularly suitable for:

  • Miniexcavators
  • Wheeler cranes
  • Aereal platforms
  • Pumps for concrete
  • Other similar applications

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Constructive features:

  • No. 13 sizes available for output torque up to 70.000 Nm.
  • outputs with integral pinion shafts supported by wide span high load capacity bearings.
  • robust housing with either low or raised mounting flange.
  • inputs available for various kinds of electric or hydraulic motors.
  • hydraulically released failsafe parking brake, spring operated, available in combination with hydraulic motors.
  • dynamic and parking brake available for all-terrain and truck mounted cranes.
  • gears and bearings rated for heavy duty applications.
  • available with hydraulic motors complete with pressure relief and anticavitatin valves.

The unit is made up of:

  • High performance semi integrated orbital motor
  • Planetary gearbox with one or more reduction stages for a wide range of ratios
  • Different kinds of output pinions
  • Control valves with flange on the motor such as:
    • antishock and anticavitation valves
    • balancing and antishock valves
  • parking multidisk negative brake with inner control (optional)
  • Separate motor-gearbox lubrication
  • Planetary reductions with broached, cemented and hardened gears; crowns with internal toothing quenched and hardened with induction.
  • Rugged construction gearbox housing made of spheroidal cast iron
  • Integral or separated pinion shafts made of forged steel, which are cemented and quenched.
  • Shaft supporting bearings with great loading capacity that face high loads due to the pinion-swivel bearing meshing.
  • Oil-bath lubrication, lower bearing on the pinion side which is permanently lubricated with grease.

It's designed for cranes and turrets, operation machineries, wind plants and drilling devices.

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