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Absolute reliability, reduced maintenance, small size and high competitiveness are the main characteristics of the new 500 Series. The unbeatable concrete truck gearbox series are available in eight different models for a mixing capacity from 1 to 12 m3.

Truck mixer gear units have been a traditional product of Trasmital for many years. The 500 Series reliability has been appreciated by truck mixer manufactures worldwide, being used on a large number of extremely different and severe working conditions. Gear units are available for truck mixers with mixing capacity of 5 to 12 cubic meters, and for dumper mixers with drum capacities of 1 to 4 cubic meters. All type of gear units can accomodate hydraulic motors from the most reputed brand leaders.

Trasmital Bonfiglioli presents the new series of gearboxes for concrete mixer trucks and replaces the present series after a long production time during which over 60.000 units have been installed.

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The new series comes from the experiences gathered with the previous one, it maintains and enhances the positive features of that one, for which it received the appreciation both of the producers and the mixer end users of the different building sites and in many operating conditions. At the same time this version eliminates and corrects previous limits and critical issues faced and resolved also thanks to the Customer support to which the Company pays constant attention.

The definition of these new gearboxes, both for design and production processes, the standards to be strictly followed were: the search of maximum working reliability and a high performance/cost relationship.

The new gearboxes have therefore following characteristics:

  • New construction concept
  • New design
  • Compact dimensions
  • High reliability
  • Simple assembling
  • Minimum maintenance

The new series is made up of three basic models that can be identified as 575, 577 and 580 type for the whole range of truck mixers with a capacity from 6 to 13 cubic meters.

Construction features

The new generation of gearboxes presents different innovative solutions that are common to the three 575L, 577L, 580L models.

Particular attention has been given to the drum load support, which is an element of major importance for truck mixers.

The two or three stages planetary gear unit according to the gearbox model have a size which guarantee the maximum functioning reliability even with particularly heavy duty work cycles for the whole lifetime of the truck mixer.

All gearbox types:

  • They have motor coupling size according to SAE J744C standard features
  • They are equipped with (optional) power take off for the water pump control, which is available both on the right and the left side with respect to the central axle.
  • It's possible to have them with optional pick-up for the rotation speed control.
  • They have all the outer coupling dimensions which are identical to those of truck mixer frame, drum and water tank thus allowing the maximum standardization of the mentioned coupled parts.
  • Maintenance during operation has been reduced to the minimum level, they need in fact just periodical check of oil level and oil change.

The rotating coupling flange connected with the drum transmits the loads to the main bearing which is of the two crowns of balls type and with oblique contact.

The main bearing, because of its oblique and wide angle width contact, has a remarkable capability to support vertical and horizontal loads that are transmitted by the drum.

The oscillating flange function, contrary to the solutions adopted on the gearboxes of the competitors, is external with respect to the bearing and is accomplished by a sphere shaped coupling between its outer ring and the gearbox housing itself.

A rugged and reliable assembly is accomplished in this way. "The construction solution is patented".

The motion transmission is obtained by the use of a rounded double toothed coupling that connects the reduction stage to the output flange which is linked to the drum.

The oscillation angle of the flange with respect to the gearbox axle can therefore be supported by the two toothings with related angles that have half value compared to the total, which results in undoubted advantages thus minimizing its wear during their lifetime.

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