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The series 700 is available in different sizes for torque up to 180.000 Nm. Each version can be equipped with built-in parking brake, with different ratios and semi integrated or external hydraulic adaptors.

The modern project, the high performances, the compactness and reliability allow an easy and economic installation.

They are appropriate and ideal transmissions for the transport operation of crawlers such as: excavators, drilling machines, road milling machines; as well as the wheel and compressor rollers control. The above-mentioned gear units are also installed on other type of machines. These include crawler drillers, cranes, dozers, loaders and paving machine sas well as road rollers.

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Technical and constructive features

  • Planetary gearboxes with rotation gears with up to 3 reduction stages.
  • torque ratings up to 130.000 Nm.
  • extremely compact design, with very high torque output.
  • Gearbox housing made of steel with a big diameter flange for driving wheels.
  • also available in the following configurations; complete with axial pistons hydraulic motor; complete with orbital hydraulic motor; to suit numerous types of hydraulic motors (out of scope).
  • Load-bearing hub that can be directly flanged to the machine frame.
  • Toothed gears with corrected, cemented and hardened profile.
  • Bearings that have a high capacity of absorbing hits, bumps and remarkable radial and axial loads.
  • Totally reliable, wear proof front gaskets.
  • Multiple service disk brake with hydraulic opening, with circuit servo-controlled pressure or directly by the hydraulic motor.
  • Indipendent lubrication from the hydraulic motor, except for the 700C1 and 701C1 types.

Trasmital Bonfiglioli offers a remarkable range of gear and gearmotor units, mostly for crawler machines, which are drawn-in by numerous OEM's worldwide.

Maintaining a position of world leadership in this area remains a constant target for Trasmital Bonfiglioli.

Trasmital Bonfiglioli was the first in Europe to market gear units with rotating housing of a modern design.

The range of our travelgear units include sized suitable for machines in the 1 to 100 ton range, and with torque capacity in the range of 1.000 Nm to 180.000 Nm.

All units ara available with a wide range of reduction ratios, parking brakes and either with or without fixed or variable displacement hydraulics motors.

The hydraulics motors are cartridge-type, resulting into extremely compact units.

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