500 Series - Truck mixers

Reducers for #truckmixers
Absolute #reliability, reduced maintenance requirements, compactness and #convenience are the main features of the redesigned 500 Series, the exceptional range of drives for truck mixers. Eight models available for capacities ranging from 1 to 14 m3.

Lifting and handling

The Bonfiglioli 700T series represents the most efficient and safe solution for all applications with rotational movement such as cranes, excavators and other machines in the construction, agricultural and mining sectors. Furthermore, as translation gearboxes we offer compactness, lightness, efficiency and silence that are the salient features of the 700CK series translation gearboxes, driven by integrated hydraulic motors (single or double speed), made in close collaboration with Kayaba.

Intralogistics e logistics

600 Series Bonfiglioli gearboxes , are the most suitable solution for the wheel movement of wheeled machines. The compact design, hydraulic and/or electric motors integration, the wide constructive range, the parking brake and/or multidisc service and the optional release device for the emergency towing of the vehicle, are the remarkable elements that make this product the perfect response to the producers’ needs.

Marine and offshore

The planetary gearboxes for winches of the 700C Bonfiglioli Series are suitable for a wide range of winch applications thanks to the availability of a large torque interval. The sturdy design allows the gearbox integration within the winch drum. The negative brake can be assembled to the gearbox or it can be mounted externally, with the same lubrication of the gears. Different options are available with hydraulic or electric actuation both with linear or angular configuration. The transmission torque is calculated according to the FEM classification. Besides, the 800 series gearboxes are purposely developed for the winch motors and can be easily included within the drum itself. Available in different transmission ratios and as an option with multidisc brake with emergency or parking function.

Handling bulky or dangerous loads

To effectively solve the problem of handling bulky loads in limited spaces or in workstations with particular characteristics, outdoor yards, loading and unloading ramps, to streamline the workload of other handling systems that may be present and make each individual workstation "large cranes" also known as JIB Cranes are used. The Bonfiglioli 700T series represents the most efficient and safe solution for all applications with rotation movement such as those described above.

Single and double speed hydraulic motors.

Single and double speed hydraulic motors, track travel gearboxes, available also in the electric version.

Special Elements

Our team is able to build gears and special components based on drawings and / or samples.