Your Bonfiglioli Authorized Workshop Center

We are a company specialized in the design, assembly,
repair and wholesale trade of gearboxes, motorgearboxes, electric and hydraulic motors and have been part of the Bonfiglioli Group for many years, providing our customers with prompt and timely support, sending every single request to the relevant department.

In fact, beside the direct subsidiaries, Bonfiglioli counts on our well-stocked warehouse and on our advice to the authorized dealers, in order to grant a flawless sale and assistance service everywhere.

FP Trasmissioni

Our strength is surely the quick service which always ensures the highest quality in finding tailored solutions to face any kind of need.

From building to nutrition industry, from electronics to chemistry, our professionalism led us to cooperate with companies all over Italy, in Europe and in other continents. In fact, we export our products in many countries among which Great Britain and Norway and also Israel and the Arab Emirates, where technology and reliability are a standard must in the choice of suppliers.

Every single process requested by the customer is analyzed and reviewed before being delivered, thus ensuring maximum reliability on the purchased  components.

Among our products you can find reducers, gearmotors, electric motors, valves, FRL units, Conveyoor X – Line unloaders, hydraulic motors and Trasmital Bonfiglioli spare parts.

Research and development

Through the “Research and Development” department we carry out technical designs and cutting-edge solutions capable of always ensuring great performance for each machine.

The mechanical handling sector is constantly evolving and the market requires continuous progress in terms of reliability, innovation and high technology, rewarding those companies that are able to combine all this with saving time and energy consumption.

For these reasons, we try to constantly look to the future and every day we are working to improve the products on the market and to study and design solutions that can facilitate the work of companies.

Our “Research and Development” sector is able to respond to the technical needs of our partners by providing designs tailored to every need.

There are numerous innovations that today are found as production standards on the market and some of these are the result of the intense study and technical development of our company.

Urgent Shipping Service

We have optimized the spaces of our company, creating a warehouse of over 1500 m2, which allows us to process most requests within 24 hours, minimizing the possibility of unpleasant and very expensive downtime.

With a simple telephone contact, or by e-mail, we are in fact able to identify and assemble, almost in real time, the spare parts and send them as quickly as possible.

In our warehouse there is space for a large number of gearmotors, spare parts and standard components that allow us to respond to maintenance and replacement requests within 24 working hours. This allows our partners not to waste time and resources, significantly reducing waiting times.

We guarantee delivery throughout Italy and abroad but also the reliability of each of our products. We have a continuous supply of all the series of gearmotors manufactured and included in the Trasmital Bonfiglioli catalogue, orbital hydraulic motors and axial piston hydraulic motors of the Bosch Rexroth type, direct and alternating current electric motors, inverters, Bonfiglioli Vectron softstart and Air Comp pneumatics.

All the items (pneumatics, motors, gearboxes and inverters) are shipped very quickly thanks to the “urgent” service which guarantees the dispatch of the material within 24 hours from receipt of the order. The sales staff will collect your data and take care of the orders, answering all your questions and guiding you to the solution that best suits your needs. Your order will then be entrusted to the warehouse department which will take care of preparing the components in stock. Finally, the workshop will be responsible for checking the product or assembling it according to your needs before entrusting the goods to the courier who will deliver them to you in a very short time.

Tailor-made projects

The Assistance Service and Delivery of Components further to the Customization of the Spares, thanks to the assembly of the modules and the different parts, we offer the customer the finished product ready to be assembled on the machinery.

Furthermore, in the event that the requested item is not available, FP Trasmissioni is able to assemble it in all its parts directly in its own mechanical workshop, also in this case reducing waiting times for the customer: a solution that not everyone is able to guarantee in this sector.

FP Trasmissioni works to ensure the customer a punctual and effective service of identification and supply of the product with the application characteristics necessary at that particular moment, since every type of need is taken care of by expressly dedicated staff, who intervene for clarifications and specific assistance by customizing products and adapting them to your specific needs.

Assembly, Repairs and Scheduled Assistance

In our workshop, equipped with the latest generation equipment, we are able to carry out revisions, tests and maintenance of mechanical products, while providing a scrupulous consultancy service that allows us to identify and adopt the best solutions for every type of machine and every kind of employment.

Our workshop department is able not only to assemble the different components to create customized stocks, but can also disassemble and examine damaged or malfunctioning motors and gearboxes. Using highly technological benches and tools, repairs are carried out and all the components of motors, gearboxes and pneumatics are analyzed in detail, trying to identify the causes of breakage, damage or malfunction. In fact, the reasons why an equipment stops working are not always related to wear. Sometimes manufacturing defects, external agents or inappropriate use of equipment can lead to costly downtime. With a very low cost, the components are passed to the test bench and checked in detail so as to guarantee, once repaired, maximum reliability and professional advice that will allow you to use your equipment in the best possible way, maximizing its performance.

The workshop department works in a coordinated manner on the research and design department and, on the elaborated drawings, creates the prototypes and tests of the products that will then be placed on the market. This perfect synchrony allows FP Trasmissioni to also minimize the times of conception, design and implementation of the products required by our partners. On average, the production cycle of customized components requires a processing time of less than 45 days.

We recommend to all our customers the periodic maintenance of motors and gearmotors, because in addition to drastically reducing the possibility of malfunctions, it optimizes the performance of the machinery and allows you to get the most out of your equipment in any type of use.